Annual ROC Filing For A Private Limited Company

Every Company registered under the Companies Act is required to file a set of annual compliances with the Registrar Of Companies. A Private limited Company is mandatorily required to comply with such requirements as a part of its annual compliances.

All Private limited Companies are required to conduct an Annual General Meeting within six months from closure of its financial year. A notice of such annual general meeting has to be sent to the members, directors, shareholders at least 21 days before the proposed date of the AGM. A private limited Company can hold its AGM  with a minimum quorum of two members.

What are required to be filed ?

Following are the documents which are to be filed with the Registrar Of Companies (ROC):

Filing Of Financial Statements

The Audited Financial Statements are required to be filed annually with the Registrar of Companies with the eForm AOC-4 by paying the required Govt fees. Incase the financial statements for the financial year are not adopted the unadopted financial statements are required to be filed within 30 days of the Annual General Meeting.

Fining  Of Annual Returns

An annual return is required to be filed with the ROC with the eForm MGT-7 within 60 days of the Annual general meeting. The Annual return contains all the information regarding the state of company such as:

  1. Company Details( CIN, PAN, TAN, Regd office, Business Activity, Details of its holding, subsidiary and associate company)
  2. Details of Shareholders & Shareholding Pattern
  3. Details of promoters, directors or KMP
  4. Details of such Penalty or any offences
  5. Any other information & disclosures

A Certificate by a practicing Company secretary in Form MGT 8 has to be attached to such Annual return in cases where the turnover exceeds 50 Crores or Paid-up capital exceeds 10 crores.

Appointment of Auditors

The eForm ADT-1 is required to be filed in case of an appointment of an Auditor in the Annual general Meeting within 15 days of such appointment.

Consequences of Non Filing

Delayed filing of the above statements will attract additional fees of 100 INR per day per form of delay with no upper limit. Apart from additional fees the directors can be penalized and the Directors identification number along with the company name can be struck off from the registrar.

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Download the Annual Compliance’s Brochure.

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