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One Person Company

What is One Person Company?
An OPC is a Private Limited Company which can only have a single shareholder making it possible for a sole owner have a Private Limited status whereby enjoying benefits of a normal Private Limited Company such as Separate legal identity & Limited liability.

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Private Limited Company

What is Private Limited Company?
A Private Limited Company is the most preferred Corporate Structure today due to its flexible nature. Limited Liability, Distinction of Management, Separate Legal Identity, Better tax Planning are few thing which makes Private Ltd a startup’s ideal structure.

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Limited Liability Partnership

What is Limited Liability Partnership?
A Limited liability Partnership is a registered partnership form of an organisation which borrows the characteristics of a Private Limited Company minus the complex procedural, audit and compliance requirements that of a Private Limited Company.

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Other Services

Protect Your Brand Identity

Why Trademark Registration?

Trademark Registration prevents any misuse of your Brand Identity and distinguishes your Brand from other imposters and facsimiles. Trademark Registration also safeguards the company and its interests from all sorts of legal ambiguity establishing ownership of the brand.

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Goods and Services Tax

Why Register for GST?

Any business, involved in the buying and selling of Goods and services in India must register under GST as per the guidelines laid by the Govt of India. In order to ease the business functions, Goods and Services Tax Registration is mandatory for almost all sorts of business.

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Why register for MSME?

MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. MSME or SSI enterprises are the foundation of any economy and are drivers of economic growth, advancing impartial improvement for all. MSME registration helps businesses avail benefits such as subsidised interest loans etc.

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