TDS Rates, Effective TDS Rates For Financial Assessment Year 2016-17

After the budget 2016-17 proposals the following TDS rates shall be applicable for financial year 2016-17 with effect from 01/06/2016

Nature of Payment Under Section Payment Exceeding TDS Rate
Salary 192 As per IT Slab as per slab

30% (No PAN)

Premature withdrawal of EPF 192A 50,000 INR 20% (No PAN)
Interest on Securities

Interest on Debentures

193 10,000 INR

5,000 INR



Dividend (Unlisted Companies) 194 NA 10%
Interest other then securities by Bank/PO

Interest other then securities by others

194A 10,000 INR

5,000 INR



Winnings from Games/Lotteries/Puzzels 194B 10,000 INR 30%
Winings from horse race 194BB 10,000 INR 30%
Contract Payment 194C 1,00,000 INR 1% HUF/Ind

2% Others

Insurance Commission 194D 15,000 INR 5%
Life Insurance Policy 194DA 1,00,000 INR 1% HUF/IND

Others: Nil

NSS Deposits 194EE 2,500 INR 10% HUF/IND

Others: Nil

Repurchase of Units of
Mutual Funds/UTI
194F NA 20%
Commission on Sale of Lottery Tickets 194G 15,000 INR 5%
Commission on Brokerage 194H 15,000 INR 5%
Rent: Land, Building, Furniture

Rent: Plant & Machinery

194I 1,80,000 INR

1,80,000 INR



Transfer of Immovable Property other then agricultural land 194IA 50,00,000 INR 1%
Professional Charges,
Technical Charges,
Non Compete Fees,
Payment To Directors
194J 30,000 INR 10%
Compensation on Accusation of Immovable Property 194LA 2,50,000 INR
Interest from Infrastructure Bonds 194LB NA 5%
Interest from Special purpose Vehicle
by business trust to unit holders to
-Resident Payee
-Non Resident Payee
194LBA NA 10%


Payment in respect of Units of Fund u/s 115UB 194LBB NA 10%
Interest to non residents from
companies/businesses/trust engaged in certain businesses
194LC NA 5%

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