Food Truck, Registrations required for Food Truck Business

Food Trucks are already rocking the market and is one of the most demanded startups these days in food sector. One of the few reasons that Food Truck Startups are booming well are low capital requirement, better management and healthy returns. One aspect many startups oversee is the number of legal complications food truck business has to undergo to stay out of legal trouble. Anything related to food is a sensitive issue for the government and proper care is taken to ensure the food safety standards by mandating specific licenses and registrations.

So, we are compiling a few basic registration required to kick-start a food truck:

Business Registration
Though this registration is not mandatory and you can operate your business as a sole proprietorship but if you have plans of expansion, external funding and franchising we would recommend to get your business registered as a LLP or a Company.

Sales Tax Registration
You are mandatorily required to get yourself a TIN once your turnover reaches five lakhs*.

Food Business Operating License:
As per the Food safety and Standards regulation act, all food businesses in India should register for FSSAI or obtain a license. FSSAI license are granted in two layers state and central registration which would depend on your scale and type of business.

Eating House License:
This is a state license to be provided by your state police licensing unit

NOC From Fire Department
Before you start selling your food on wheels you must obtain a no objection certificate from the fire department stating your vehicle adheres all the fire safety standards.

You will require to obtain a no objection certificate from your RTO to brand your vehicle and take your food on wheels for a ride.

Shop & Establishment License
You will be required to get a shop and establishment license and every business employing people is required to get this license.

Depending your mode of operation you may require additional licenses like Alcohol Permit etc.

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